Saint Robert Catholic School
Last Update: December 5, 2022

Remember St. Robert's back in the 8th grade or before? Remember your friends, the parties, games, the teachers? Remember some of your best friends that you have lost contact with? Wouldn't it be great to call some of them, or to get a call from one of them? Why not rekindle some old friendships, after all, can we have too many friends? Check out your graduating year, drop a line, call or E-Mail someone you have shared good times with. Share those memories with the friends that God has given us. Make new memories. Please come back to this WEB page again and again. We hope to have this list grow (with your help in encouraging friends to participate in this database). ENJOY !!!
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As St. Robert School continues in our mission of providing quality education, we feel the need to take a closer look at our achievements. The best way to measure our success is to look at our alumni - via our Alumni Survey. We want to know how your life has changed since you attended St. Robert School. Whether it be raising your families, continuing your education, starting new careers, or retiring in the sunset, we are interested in you.

Please take a moment to complete the Alumni Survey and please be sure to let us know if we may share any of this information in our "Bears Repeating" Newsletter. One of the highlights of the newsletter is the Alumni Section. It is always exciting to read what everyone is doing with their lives.

Thank you for taking the time to share your lives with us. You are valuable role models for the current St. Robert students.

This questionnaire when completed, should be E-Mailed (or mailed) directly to us. Utilize the Submit Survey button at the end of the survey page.

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