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Saint Robert's Church
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Dear Members of Saint Robert's,

Many of you are already familiar with the benefits of the internet. From accessing information and shopping to sending and receiving e-mail - the efficiency, speed and convenience of the internet offers many opportunities.

St. Robert's has embraced and will continue to embrace technology. Our parish website is one of the best in the Archdiocese. Many parishes have copied our model. We average 1100 hits a month on the website.

We are now accepting regular and special contributions via the internet. This service is called e-Contributions.

Many families use automatic debit for car payments, mortgage or school tuition. With e-Contributions, a family can use a checking account debit or credit card to:

Contribute safely, simply and automatically to parish collections

Benefit from credit card rewards such as airline miles or cash rebates

Save time writing checks

View or print contribution reports at any time

E-Contributions is ideal for regular contributions to the parish and to the second collections. The weekly offering and monthly offering for School/CCD/Confirmation are set funds. You may also use this method for your Archdiocean Annual Appeal.

St. Robert's benefits from e-Contributions because administrative costs are reduced. The bottom line is our parish saves some time and money each year. That helps us to serve you better.

Registration is a simple matter of selecting the button for an easy registration process.

We hope you join us in taking advantage of the opportunities and benefits the internet has to offer our parish family.

Father Arnold Zamora