Saint Robert's Catholic Church



We, the Filipino American (FILAM) Group of St. Robert's Church, City of San Bruno, County of San Mateo, State of California, united under the guidance of the Divine Providence, organized into an incorporated, non-profit association known as Filipino American (FILAM) Group of St. Robert's Church do hereby ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By-laws.


This association shall be known as the Filipino American Group herein referred to as the GROUP. It shall be domiciled at the St. Robert's parish, City of San Bruno, County of San Mateo.


Sec.1. To work for the religious involvement and concern of the Filipino American parishioners of St. Robert's Church.

Sec.2. To foster fellowship and understanding among its members and to promote unity and cohesiveness among Filipino American families in any church activities.

Sec.3. To join together in the unity of Christ to preserve and share the culture, noble tradition and priceless heritage of the Filipino people.


Sec.1. Membership shall be opened to all parishioners of St. Robert's Church of Filipino descent.

Sec.2. Filipino American families, family members and friends of other parishes who subscribe to the same ideal and spirit by which this GROUP is founded may be accepted as GROUP members. These members are non-voting.


Sec.1. Composition, Method of Election and Term of Office: The Executive Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer, who shall be elected by the General Membership. The elective Executive Officers should be elected by secret ballot to be held on the first regular meeting of the general membership of the Group. The duly elected officers shall serve for a period of two years commencing February 1, following their election or until their successors are elected and qualified.

Sec.2. Qualifications of Executive Officers: Any member of good standing is qualified for any position, elective or appointive.

Sec.3. Duties and Responsibilities:

a) President - The President shall:

1) preside at each meeting of the officers and general membership;

2) cause notice to be sent of all meetings and submit an agenda;

3) call any special meeting of the officers and may create special committees when deemed necessary;

4) appoint the Chairpersons of Committees;

5) provide leadership for the GROUP, unify it in its purpose and act at all time with justice and fairness to all;

6) represent the GROUP in any parish meeting and activities;

7) submit to the general membership an annual written report of his or her stewardship during the membership meeting in November.

b) Vice President - The Vice President shall:

1) assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in the absence of the latter;

2) act as the coordinator to the committees and report to the president;

3) perform such duties as may be prescribed by the GROUP.

c) Recording Secretary - The Recording Secretary shall:

1) call roll at each meeting;

2) prepare an agenda of the next meeting;

3) take minutes of all meetings, keep a file of all proceedings and records of the GROUP.

d) Corresponding Secretary - The Corresponding Secretary shall:

1) attend to all the correspondence of the GROUP and perform all other duties incident to the office;

2) keep an updated list of members (addresses and telephone numbers), and furnish each member a copy of the said list;

3) send notice of meetings and agenda to each member and officer, if a written notice is deemed appropriate by the President. Otherwise, inform the officers and members of the GROUP monthly or special meeting by phone.

e) Treasurer - The Treasurer shall:

1) maintain books of accounts and other financial records of the GROUP;

2) turn over any money to the Pastor for deposit in the GROUP's Funds account;

3) request that the GROUP's funds be disbursed as authorized by the President and signed by the Treasurer;

4) be the chairman of the Finance Committee and perform such duties prescribed by the officers.

f) Public Relations Officer - The Public Relations Officer shall:

1) obtain a list of newly registered Filipino families from the Parish secretary for submission to the Corresponding Secretary;

2) coordinate with the Parish Pastor the publication in the Parish bulletins and in special announcements during all masses of the activities and projects of the GROUP;

3) be responsible for projecting and maintaining the good image of the GROUP and for preparing press releases as needed upon approval by the President and Pastor.


Sec.1. The Committees, their composition and functions, shall be as follows:

a) Finance Committee - shall direct and manage all fund raising projects of the GROUP.

b) Membership Committee - shall be responsible for recruiting new members.

c) Ways and Means Committee - shall plan, direct and manage all activities and projects of the GROUP.

The Chairperson of each Committee shall be appointed by the President.


The Board of Advisers will consist of three members who will provide guidance, advice and support on matters relating to the religious, cultural , civic, educational, social and general well being of the members. The Board of Advisers will be appointed by the Executive Officers from the general membership.


Sec.1. Regular meetings shall be held every second Thursday of each month at the St. Robert's School Hall.

Sec.2. Special meetings of the general assembly and Executive Officers may be called by the President, or upon request of a Committee Chairperson.


Sec.1. The GROUP may receive and accept funds from any legal source, including proceeds from fund raising activities. Such funds shall be disbursed only for the purpose set forth in this Constitution and by-laws. The Treasurer will submit any money to the Parish Pastor for deposit to the GROUP Funds account.


Sec.1. A vacancy in the Office of the President shall be filled by the Vice President. Vacancies in all other offices shall be filled by their respective assistants, if any otherwise, the President shall appoint the successor who shall serve the remaining term of the office vacated.


Sec.1. The Robert's Rules of Order, revised edition, shall govern the conduct of all meetings except that they may be suspended at any time by unanimous consent of the members present at a meeting.


Sec.1. Any officer who fails to perform the duties and responsibilities in the office to which he or she was elected, may be removed by the Executive Officers. The successor shall be appointed in accordance with Section 1. of Article IX.

Sec.2. Any contract or agreement entered into by the GROUP shall only become valid and operative when approved by the Executive Officers.

Sec.3. A majority vote of all members present voting or any question presented is considered approved unless otherwise provided in the Constitution and by-laws.

Sec.4. The presence of a simple plurality (50% plus 1) of the total membership present shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of meetings.

Sec.5. A vacancy in an office exists when any of the following occurs: resignation, total incapacity, removal death and transfer to other parish.


Sec.1. Any provision of this Constitution and BY-LAWS may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of all members present.


Sec.1. Should any part of this Constitution and BY-LAWS be declared invalid by competent authority, the remaining parts shall not be affected thereby.


Sec.1. This Constitution and BY-LAWS shall be effective upon approval.


This is to certify, that this Constitution an by-laws of the Filipino American (FILAM) Group of St. Robert's Church has been ratified and approved by the General Membership this 16th day of November , 1995 in the City of San Bruno, county of San Mateo, California, USA.