Saint Robert's Catholic Church

We, the people of St. Robert's Parish, come together as a family, of faith and prayer, striving to respond to the call of Jesus to love God and neighbor. By virtue of our baptism, each member is called to share in the work of witnessing to the Lord's call to be of service to others.

Our goals are to:

  • Enrich the faith life of all who come to worship at St. Robert's through inviting and welcoming liturgies that make the Word a living reality and sharing the Eucharistic meal.

  • Share our faith with the children through our Parish school, Religious Education Program and Youth Ministry.

  • Nourish and strengthen our faith by means of Bible study and adult programs that provide a greater understanding of the Church and its teachings.

  • Follow the call to be of service through outreach programs that help the poor and the sick within our Parish and the wider community of San Bruno.

  • Continue to strengthen our existing Parish organizations that provide for religious and social needs of parishioners.

We recognize the need to:

  • Invite a greater number of our parishioners to be active and involved in our Parish life.

  • Increase youth involvement.

  • Find ways by which we call all to live out the teachings of Christ in our daily life at home and at work.