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St. Robert's Catholic Church

"Building for a New Century" Campaign

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St. Robert's Catholic Church was faced with a unique challenge in order to satisfy the needs of our worship family.


A new Parish Education Center

The new, 3900 square foot Parish Education Center, has been built behind the convent where the past large garage was located. It consists of a large Multi-purpose room that is used by the Parish, School and Religious Education program; a Computer Room and a new Kindergarten Room.

  • Multi-purpose room - During the school day, it is used for science, smaller reading and math groups, art and other programs. It has been demonstrated that children learn better in a dedicated space, and this allows us to have an environment designed for specific subject areas. After school hours, the multi-purpose room is utilized for Adult and Religious Education classes and parish meetings.

  • A Computer room - This provides the capability for instruction of an entire class simultaneously. In the past, computer instruction was held in the basement of the convent, which was simply too small. For example, there was no space for a display panel (for instruction). In this new facility, the classroom and computer teachers are able to work together, and thus integrate technology into the regular curriculum. The computer room is available for adult computer classes during the summer months, as well as advanced computer classes for children.

  • A Kindergarten room - This modernized room has a larger play area, and everything inside it - sinks, restrooms, etc. - is tailored to the youngest members of our school community.

  • There was a critical need for a faculty/staff workroom and lunchroom. The former Kindergarten room was remodeled into a large Religious Education Office and a teachers' lunch/work room. The previous Religious Education Office has become a reading center, and the past teacher's room is now the counselor's office.

    The former space and location of the Religious Education Office was inadequate. Approximately 520 students are enrolled in our Religious Education program, which was held in three different sites (one of which was off the church grounds). There was no room for parent-teacher conferences, for teachers to share ideas, and very little storage and closet space. Having its own space in the new Education Center has strengthened the identity of the Religious Education Program and further integrated it into the life and mission of the church.


Satisfying our commitment to the 2002 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal

  • A portion of the money raised from this campaign was directed towards satisfying our commitment to the 2002 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal, which was $84,000. There was no separate campaign that year.

The total cost of the new Parish Education Center - including soft costs and contingencies - was about $1,300,000. When combined with other related expenses and our 2002 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal commitment of $84,000, our total need was approximately $1,500.000. By applying a portion of our then current parish savings, our fund raising need in this campaign was $1,000,000.

By undertaking "Building for a New Century", we have better accommodated parishioner services and ministries needs, enabling the St. Robert's worship family to remain the active, vibrant faith community it is today and must continue to be for generations to come.

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