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We want you to know how much Scrip helps our school and how easy it is to use. It is no cost to you, just a bit of time and effort.

Scrip: What is it?? A medium exchange which represents currency (usually in the form of a paper gift certificate or a plastic gift card) in which a school or organization purchases from a drawer for less than face value and sells to it's members at face value, thus earning a profit, usually based on a percentage. example -> Target $25 gift card, St. Robert pays $23.75 for the card -- we make 5% -- you pay nothing but the original $25.

St. Robert Scrip Program: What is it?? A fund raising program where profits received are donations from merchants or businesses and NOT from its participators.

*** Paper Scrip / gift certificates or cards my be ordered for any store or service listed on the:

eScrip: What is it?? Another way for our school to earn $$$$$. eScrip is an organization which administrates and tracks purchases made by its members at any of the participating eScrip merchants. Members of eScrip receive a quarterly statement of all purchases. The school or organization of the member' choice receives a monthly statement on their behalf and any profits generated by their frequenting said establishments.

.For more information or to join eScrip

St. Robert Church and School
Group ID # 137045398

1-800-592-0942 or

*** You may also choose to enroll in eScrip. The annual fee is paid by St. Robert 's. We received about 3% of your total purchases.

As a participator in the St. Robert Scrip Program you'll receive recognition from St. Robert School for profits made on your behalf and qualify for lower tuition costs for your children. This fundraising program is dollar for dollar for you the participant.

For further information or suggestions,
E-Mail Lory Sangalang, our Scrip Coordinator at: