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The Liturgy Committee assists the parish community to pray well during liturgical celebrations, especially the Sunday Eucharist. Members of the committee pay special attention to the seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter and welcome additional parishioner involvement in preparing the environment for these special times in the Church year.

The Committee also prepares the church for the commemoration of the dead in November and the honoring of Mary in May.

Meetings are as needed.

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The sacrament of marriage is generally celebrated at a nuptial Mass following the completion of our parish preparation program.

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A dedicated group of parishioners who commit two weeks a year to washing both the Altar Linens and the Altar Servers Gowns.

For further informaton contact our Marthas Coordinator via the 'Ministry & Group Contacts' button, below.

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Men and women who minister the Body and Blood of Christ at the Eucharist and in the homes of those who are unable to attend Mass.

Contact: Parish Office at (650) 589-2800



A group of parishioners trained to provide special outreach to our parishioners weighed down with grief. Monthly gathering on the 1st Thursday of the month in the Reconciliation Room in the Church after the 8:30 Mass.

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Ministry of Eucharist, prayer and visitation of the sick of our parish in their homes or assisted living facilities each day. In addition, ministers to our sick assist in other ways needed. All parishioners are asked to send get well cards to our sick brothers and sisters when listed in the Parish Bulletin.

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On the first Sunday of each month a second collection is taken up for our parish school and parish Religious Education and Confirmation program.

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This Committee brings together, the leadership of most parish organizations for the purpose of communication, calendaring, coordination and evaluation. The Parish Planning Committee will support the requests of the Pastor and carry out his ideas. Suggestions and ideas discussed at the Parish Planning meetings may be forwarded to the Parish Council for conversation if appropriate. The following groups are represented at the Parish Planning Committee meetings: Women's Guild, Men's Club, The Grownups, Festival Committee, In-Betweeners, Legion of Mary, Fil-Am Group, and St. Vincent de Paul .

Meets as needed during the year.

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R.C.I.A. ( Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults )

The RCIA process assists unbaptized adults as well as Christians from other faith traditions who wish learn more about the Catholic faith with the possibility of becoming Catholic. The process also prepares already-baptized Catholics who wish to receive Confirmation and/or First Communion.

RCIA meets on Wednesday evenings online via Zoom.

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Prayed communally, Monday through Saturday mornings at 8:10am in our parish church.



Stewardship is a total concept embracing all areas of life. It is a central theme of the Bible, which tells us that we are not owners of our time, talent, and treasure. We are stewards, called to manage these gifts for a limited time, responsible to God who entrusts them to us.

The stewardship approach starts not with institutional needs, but with something even more important: The personal needs of each one of us to return to God a truly grateful portion of our income in thanksgiving for all the good things that God gives us.

"No where does Christ condemn the mere possession of earthly goods as such, instead, He pronounces very harsh words against those who use their possessions in a selfish way, without paying attention to the needs of others." - Pope John Paul II

We are called to be stewards of the gifts we have received from God. He has given each of us, in varying amounts, His gifts of time, talents, and treasure. We are stewards or caretakers of these gifts and have a responsibility to use them to help build up the kingdom of God, to build a better world and a better Church. By sharing our time and talents with our parish, we give back to God a portion of these gifts. By giving generously to our parish, we give back to God a share of the treasures we have received, thereby helping to build up the Church and to aid the suffering and the needy of the world. True stewardship, therefore, means sharing our time, talents, and treasure, not hoarding them for our personal use and pleasure.

St. Robert's Church San Bruno, CA - January 1998

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A dedicated group of parishioners, who in our name, provide emergency short term food, clothing, shelter to any who come to our community in need. A special 2nd collection is taken up when there is a fifth Sunday of the month to support this work.

Meets 2nd Monday of each Month at 3:00pm in the Church.

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Men and women, younger and older, who assure the good order of the church building prior to worship, greet people as they come to Mass, seat parishioners, take up the offering, and pass out the weekly Bulletin.

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The Bulletin is distributed after each Sunday Mass by the ushers. The Bulletin is also available on the WEB site. The Bulletin contains the weekly events and information of importance for the entire parish. This publication is made possible through the generosity of the advertisers whom all the parishioners are urged to patronize. Submit items in the Parish office Monday by 9:00am the desired week of publication.

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Welcome to you all, our dear youth. I'm excited to connect with and meet you. You are all very valuable and I believe you can do great things in the world, with the many Blessings and gifts God has given you. We already have great things planned ahead and some wonderful kids raring to go, as well as some equally amazing adult role models who want to support.

We will have different programs, events, and opportunities for all age levels under 18; High school Age, Middle School, and younger grades.

Always feel free to approach me and introduce yourself or contact me if you have any questions or would simply like to connect.

And to our adult community who wish to support our youth, we value and appreciate what you have to share. Please don't hesitate in reaching out to me as well.

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